We Train & Certify Police Motor Officers,

                                                             Now Let Us Train You!


                                                                   Step-by-Step & Easy To Learn!
Certified Police Motor Instructors and Rodeo Competitors created the Ultimate Instructional Video. This course is designed to teach you the advanced skills taught to Police Motor Officers.


This will be the best accessory you ever purchased for your bike!


We are Certified Police Motor Instructors with the most up-to-date training available! We have trained hundreds of Motor Officers & continue to certify them yearly. We have also trained several thousand civilian riders at our ProRider training sites.


Guess who Hollywood trusts to train their actors for motorcycle movie scenes? That’s right, ProRider! We are your #1 and most trusted name when it comes to teaching you police style motorcycle training.


Have you ever attended a police motorcycle rodeo or watched one online? This is the ultimate demonstration of skill and what total control of a motorcycle looks like. Have you ever attended any other motorcycle event? You will see the exact opposite. Most riders display a lack of confidence during their low speed maneuvers and end up doing the embarrassing “duck walk" across the parking lot. A motorcyclist could ride every single day for 30 years and never acquire the motor officer skills that I’m about to teach you. These skills are not natural, they are the complete opposite of your instincts and must be learned through police style training.


You are going to learn the same secrets, tips and tricks that we teach the Motor Officers. You are going to gain CONFIDENCE, improve SAFETY and master TIGHT TURNS like the pros do it. Yes, full lock and lean! 



Our instruction will show that, as Professional Police Motor Instructors, we’re using a basic set of skills and a very understandable method to break down complex maneuvers into digestible pieces. By following our easy-to-learn techniques, your riding skills will improve 100% within a few hours! Your Skills & Safety are about to change forever!


2 Hours

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